What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage. From the intuitive act of healing to scientific research.

Booking a treatment with Paulius Savickas

Please send your request:

60 min50eu
90 min70eu
120 min90eu


Send your friend or family member a special present – Thai Yoga Massage treatment at -10% OFF a regular price! (applies if you have booked at least one treatment with me)


“Weekday morning special.” Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9:30am-10:30am -20% OFF!!!! (40eu/hour)


With every 5th visit, you earn an extra 30min which you can add to your treatment or collect 60min as a gift to your friend or family member.


5km radius +10eu. If further – the price will depend on the area.

Please send your request:


I’m offering my treatments in the clean environment of a private treatment room. Three hypoallergenic cats live with me. They might come to befriend you 😉

Choose your treatment plan
  • 1hr – full body (head, shoulders, arms, legs, back)
  • 1hr – upper body focus (head, face, neck, shoulders, arms, back)
  • 1hr – lower body focus (back, hips, legs, feet)
  • 1,5hr – full body + extra attention for neck and shoulders.
  • 1,5hr – full body + extra attention for back.
  • 1,5hr – full body + extra attention for hips and legs.
  • 1,5hr – full body + extra attention for stretching to gain more flexibility.
  • 2hr – full body, slower pace, extra attention to chosen areas (neck/shoulders/back/hips/legs).
Things to know before your treatment

Please come with an empty stomach and wear comfortable stretchy or loose clothes for the treatment. You can change in the bathroom if needed.


Paulo offers great Thai Yoga Massage with a profound anatomical background and a beautiful presence. I’ve never experienced such a variety of deep effective neck stretches. The session was highly tailored according to my needs & I’ll certainly return for more sessions.

Karuna Manning, Lagos 2023

Paulo is a very authentic person, he lives and breathes what he teaches and I really appreciate that in a yoga teacher and bodyworker. Recomend!

Somatic Bliss (Jurga Blinstrubaite-Schultz), Lagos 2023

I am delighted to have found this extremely talented therapist. As a former Registered Nurse, it is always important to me to find someone who has a thorough approach to therapy.

I have a genetic connective tissue disorder, suffering from joint pain for most of my life. The last few days were spent sitting on a plane, which has made the pain unbearable and I am extremely grateful to Paulius for fitting me in on the same day I contacted them.

I also have a job where I’m standing or bent over for much of the day, which exacerbates the pain I experience, and I have booked further sessions to maintain my flexibility, range of movement and pain levels already.

Their thorough assessment before providing therapy was extremely reassuring and their professional standards were very high!

I will also recommended them to others based on the effectiveness of the treatment they provide, the professional approach to the session and the relief that I have experienced since my initial consultation.

Charlotte Collier-Hunter, London 2022

Amazing session with Paulius, he pays close attention to my hyper-mobility needs by carefully tailoring his technique to adjust appropriately and this didn’t just extend to the manual manipulation he applied to me but also to his choice of wording and educational approach. A very professional, caring and empathetic session that made me feel heard, seen and relaxed in a way I didn’t think was possible before. I have been attending his Yoga classes regularly before and always found them incredible but the Thai Yoga massage therapy was incomparable.

Carmen Rosa, London 2022

A great Thai Yoga massage, good for body and mind. The rest of the day felt serene and the feeling of wellbeing carried on for a couple of days, even in a rush hour commuting to work! Amazing. Paulius’s lifestyle advice was specific, practical and doable, it was a pleasure to talk to him. Paulius is a nice, thoughtful person and a caring professional. I would be very happy to recommend him!

Irina Kihara, London 2022

Amazing massage! Great professional who treated my lower back pain with an awesome massage, advices how to stretch my body and lifestyle advices to relief my pain. I totally recommend it!

Andres Garcia, London 2022

I was in London for the weekend and arrived with some stress so found Paulius on a whim. I had never had a yogic massage before and it was such a great experience. It was such a comfortable session in a lovely studio. He is a skilled and competent therapist and if I am passing through London again I will be back. I recommend to anyone who needs to gain some energy through relaxation and release. Thank you!

Mary K, London 2019

This evening’s massage with Paulius brought me back into my body and left me feeling charged with energy, relaxed and aware. From his flat by the canal, Paulius’ practice is gentle with the precision you would expect from Thai Yoga Massage. I enjoyed the experience, it benefited my disposition, and I’ll definitely work with Paulius again. And he’s a lovely guy too!

Adam Pole, London 2019

Had the opportunity of receiving both a massage and healing from Paulius the other day and can’t recommend it enough! Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable but, moreover, his passion and talent for these therapies are reflected in the way I felt during and after the treatments. My body was rejuvenated and expanded, whilst my mind was clearer and more focused. I have tried several healings in the past but nothing got has deep as Paulius’ healing – I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off, honestly felt like my soul had left the body several times during the session. If you want the real deal, no need to look any further. Patient, flexible and very nurturing.

Joao Serejo, London 2019