Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a Yogic practice of inner transformation and true self-realisation. It revitalises the body, nervous system, brain and senses, enhancing health and well-being. On a more subtle level, it helps to experience great depths of meditative awareness, leading to the realisation of who we truly are. It is often called “yogic sleep” or “conscious sleep” because during Yoga Nidra, although the practitioner is in a deep sleep- awareness is present.

Below is a Yoga Nidra guided practice recording so you can experience the benefits of the practice in the comfort of your home / private environment. Do not listen to this recording while driving or operating any machinery. This recording is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease or illness.


Vedic text Chandokya Upanishad (700 BCE) describes the 4 states of consciousness, which correspond to different brainwaves, observed by contemporary science.


Brainwaves: Beta 13-38 Hz.

Daily mind” connecting with the external world and responsible for: cognition, focus, thinking and problem solving. If not trained – it generates tension and stress.

Brainwaves: Gamma 40-100 Hz

Highly engaged mind” producing high levels of cognition, used in information processing, memory and learning. It is also associated with feelings of love, compassion and empathy.


Brainwaves: Alpha 8-12 Hz (Hypnagogic State)

Transient state of deep relaxation of the body and the mind, which is shortly experienced at the moment of waking up, or just before falling asleep. Awareness of external environment is not there yet (when waking up), or already faded away (when falling asleep). It is associated with feeling of wellbeing due to release of serotonin.

Brainwaves: Theta 4-7 Hz (REM)

Deeply relaxed, dream state.


Brainwaves: Delta 0-4 Hz.

Dreamless state (during sleep), or state with no mental activity (during Yoga Nidra) where cognition of external environment is lost. It is beyond identification with one’s body and mind.


Brainwaves: Delta 0-4 Hz.

Final state of Yoga Nidra. Realisation of true-self which is beyond the duality of subject/object awareness.